Weather Information


Rain or shine, we play.   

However, there are some things to note:

1.  If there is lightning or serious threat of lightning, get off the field!     We don’t play in those conditions.   If you see lightning, report it immediately to the coach and/ or referee.  Get off the field and into your car.  Do not stand near trees, or fences or stands or anything like that.     If you walked to the game and need shelter, there is space for shelter at the entrance of the community health center.

2. Hot, muggy weather.  In hot weather, we still play.  However, parents and players should bring extra water for the players.    Also, coaches will make the practice less active and will incorporate  breaks to allow for increased water breaks.   However, any weather whose temperature and humidex exceed 40 as of 5:30 pm will result in the cancellation of games.    The club may decide, circumstances pending, to cancel games at lower temperatures.  Coaches will contact players in the event of cancellation, regardless of the temperature or weather.