Why Coach Soccer?

Soccer Kickby Richard Kerr-Bell

Warren Buffet might not know soccer, but when he said, “Tell me your heroes and I’ll tell you how your life will end up”, he was onto something.

When it comes to coaching, everyone wants a say but few are willing to turn their words into action and take a team… even under 8’s which is where yours truly started.

How can You enjoy coaching soccer?


Let me count the ways:

  1. Coach your kids and you get to spend more time with them at something you can help them have fun at AND enjoy mastering new skill

  2. Coaching young people of any age gives you the opportunity to have a massive and important influence on the future of your community and country! This is not just talk. Ask any adult who has played sport for a while and there is a good chance the had great people who were their coaches.

  3. You will be remembered for all the right reasons and kids will copy your example. There are no less than 3 great coaches I remember until I left town at 17. Mr Nicolas (Fatherly man who really cared and It was much appreciate) Mr Edgar (fantastic accent I still haven’t mastered but he was fair and encouraging), and lastly Bobby “Feed the Bear” Mutter (A burly Scotsman whose belief in me propelled my confidence sky high, I can still hear him call, “Who’s the boss Richard? Show him who’s the boss!”

  4. You get to develop skills in something you have a passion for and coaching soccer skills is full of challenge and rewards.

  5. Get a life! No longer wandering the streets looking for something or sitting in front of the TV, rock up to your local soccer club or school and I’m sure there will be opportunities to add a new dimension to your life and the lives of others.

  6. Build contacts in your community and neighborhood. If you coach kids they have parents and they have lives too that may provide a way to help you with something in your life.

  7. Leadership, responsibility, and commitment all have their own rewards and these are abundant when you coach soccer.

  8. If you are a player in a club you get praise from members in the club, you get on the “in” with the other coaches in case you wanted to advance a career in this way, and you get some equipment to use whenever you want to improve your own game.

  9. It will add to your attractiveness to employers as coaching soccer or any sport, shows the attributes above. These are easily re-worded to suit the job type. E.g. Active Member of my Community. It shows commitment, reliability, purpose, and that you can get out of bed in the morning.

  10. Personal satisfaction. Winning your competition, one game, or having kept a bunch of people happy and off the streets. Plus you are involved doing what you love, Soccer (sport).

For the full article, visit: http://www.topendsports.com/sport/soccer/coaching.htm

If you’d like to coach, contact Mike Boomhouwer.

Also, anyone wishing to help with the planning & organizing of our year end event can also contact Mike using the link above.   Or simply tell any of our executive members,or our coaches, and the club will send you details.